why do Jamaican men think the amount of sex they can have in a lifetime is limited?

Q: I am a 45y.o. Canadian woman who started visiting Jamaica 10 years ago. I have lived on the island twice for 1.5yrs each time and plan to live there permanently when I retire.

Obviously there are many differences between our cultures but for the most part I feel very at home and understand why life is as it is there.

I LOVE JAMAICA and mean no disrespect but I have encountered at least 3 men (from 3 different parishes, all between 35-45y.o.) who believe that if they have sex too often (more than 1/wk); they will not be able to have sex when they got older.

They seem to believe that a man only has the ability to have sex a certain number of times in his life & once he has hit that number, he will not be able to have sex again.

In the past I have also dated Africans and Afro-Americans as well as black Canadians and I never heard this from any of them. I have tried to research the belief and cannot find anything on the internet about it, no matter how I word it.

Could it be that in Jamaica older men who suffer from impotence don’t understand that there is a health-related reason so they blame it on too much sex in their youth & that this fallacy has become an accepted “truth”?

I have a high sex drive, am very attracted to the man I am currently involved with & would like to have sex about 3 times as often as he is willing.

He gets aroused easily when we are together and claims he wants to have sex more often but “knows” it is not wise! He thinks if he “gives in”, he will be unable to perform when he is older. How can I convince him that this is untrue & not logical?

A: Yes I have heard of it that when men go about having sex a lot at a younger age, when they grow older some of them ended up impotent. However, I cannot give you any advice on it. You are better off asking a doctor…or convince the friend that you both go to a doctor.

…and logically, too much of anything is not good anyways, and sex takes a lot from your body. Too much sex and the man will dry up in terms of sperm…and it won’t be the same. I don’t know if that contributes to anything, but it happens.

By the way, when you say three times as much, do you mean three times a day?


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Mar 24, 2012 moderator should re-read question
by: Anonymous if you read the original post more clearly you will see that the lady said she would like sex 3x more often than the men’s acceptable limit of once a week. So her desire is 3x/wk, not 3x/day.

Also, she is not asking for advice about impotency that should be referred to a Dr! She is TELLING you that she has encountered Jamaican men who mistakenly believe that impotency in later life is linked to too much sex in youth. Her question is why do Jamaicans believe this (& how can she explain to her man that it is nonsense)! In North America it is well known that 40% of men over 40 years of age experience impotency at times. 95 times out of 100 this is caused by an underlying health problem & can be treated! Impotency is NEVER caused by too much sex . . .

A: OK, well you seem to know more about the subject than I do which is good for the benefit of this particular individual. Thanks for your input.


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