World Cup quarterfinal Preview

world cup quarterfinal preview

Brazil’s Hulk on one of his dribbles

It Germany vs France and Brazil vs Colombia. ..

…and one thing is sure. A south American team and a European team will be in the semifinals. Who will it be? your guess is as good as mine.

Germany Vs France

These are two very good teams and this is going to be a very hard fought game and we may very well see more overtime play and even penalty.

In Germany’s game against Algeria, they struggled against a tough Algerian defense, but finally got the breakthrough in overtime 2-1. Not to take anything away from the Algerians, but if that game is any indication of what is to come, it could be a long day for the Germans  against the French defense.

world cup quarterfinal preview

France’s Valbuena making one of his runs down the flank

The French on the other hand dispatched Nigeria very late 2-0. They certainly have the fire power in Pogba and Benzema, however, they are going to have to create more scoring chances against a tougher Germans side and I am not sure that will be easy to do.

One thing is for certain, tomorrows game is going to be a humdinger and I can’t wait to see who is going to come out on top, my gut tells me that if Valbuena get those killer crosses in and Benzema or Pogba get open for a split second, they are going to punish the Germans….

I am going out on a limb here and pick France over the Germans.

Brazil Vs Colombia

In this game it will be the clash of superstars…Neymar vs Rodriquez. Colombia’s Rodriquez has been the toast of the tournament thus far with 5 goals including two from the last game.

world cup quarterfinal preview

German player heading towards goal

…but they have not yet met a team like Brazil…so before we get beside ourselves as many columnist seem to be doing, let’s remember, it is Brazil,  they are playing at home, it’s the World Cup, it is new day and a new game…and they are unbeaten in 61 competitive International games on home soil.

Yes, the Brazilians struggled in their last game against Chile and only managed to make it through via penalty kicks but let’s not disrespect Chile, they are a very good team…that’s why they made it to the round of 16 and they weren’t ready to go home just yet…

Colombia on the other hand took care of Uruguay, but one wonders…would the the game have be different if Saurez was playing? My answer to that is yes. We saw what happened in the first game when Uruguay  played without him against Costa Rica. They lost! …but when he came back, they kept on winning. …and he was the one who scored the goals that make the difference. Let us not forget that.

James Rodriquez scoring against Uruguay

So, forget about Brazil scraping through and Colombia whipping Uruguay. This one is going to be a humdinger too, and I will be right there. My gut tells me that James Rogriquez  has been good thus far, but this is where his run ends. He will be remembered as the toast of the tournament, but not hot enough for Brazil… Brazil will move on

That being said, let the games begin…


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