World Semifinal Preview

argentina vs NetherlandsBrazil vs GermanyWorld cup semifinals preview – Who will make it to the finals? Germany or Brazil, Netherlands or Argentina? Your guess is as good as mine.

It could be a Brazil vs Argentina, or better yet a Brazil vs Netherlands, or….a Germany vs Argentina….or….a Germany vs Netherlands finals. It is anybody’s guess!

These are four world class team separated by very little. Any of them can win depending on the day, the emotions, the referee, luck, or anything else that will give the edge.

…But! one thing is guaranteed, all four of them will come out playing as if it is the last game of their lives…because nobody wants to go home.

So you can expect open games, numbers up in attack,  numbers down in defense, quick counters, diving from little or no contact, professional fouls…you name it…anything to give one the edge over the other. It will be all about the bottom line….WIN!

Whomever the referees are, they are going to earn their pay in these games…without irritating the supporters. They are going to have to be on top their game making calls….making sure that it fair all the way from the first whistle to the last whistle as best they can…

…and if all else fails, you can expect overtime and penalty kicks taken by tired legs. He who last to the very end will win. it is going to be the survival of the fittest.

Unfortunately, when it is all said and done, two of these teams will have to battle it out for third place while the other two  battle it out for bragging rights as the number one football nation in the world.

Brazil v Germany 

brazil vs Germany PreviewBrazil is wounded, they are fired up, their star player was maliciously injured and they have lost their defensive leader.

They are definitely going to be emotional…and is going to want to win it for their wounded star, Neymar. When it comes to games like these, it is he who has the most desire …and the bigger heart wins. That team will win every loose balls, every fifty-fifty ball …will run all day long… with winning on its mind…

That, my friends, is where I think Brazil is right now. They are home, they will be playing before their home crowd and Germany vs Brazil previewthis is the semifinals….and further they will want to win it for Neymar. I believe they are going to give it their all. Germany many have just met them at the wrong time.

Germany knows this, and they will be ready. they are going to give it their all as well…and they will not go down without a fight. Both teams have world class players who have been in this kind of game many times before, so they know what to expect. It is going to be intriguing.

I am going to stick my neck out and go for Brazil.  I believe they are going to take this one.

Forget about the absence of Silva and Neymar, other players are going to step up and do it for them, they are too close to the prize now…playing in front of their home crowd on the world stage in one of the biggest game of their lives…does not happen very often…


Netherlands v Argentina

Argentina vs NetherlandsThe Argentinians have not win any game convincingly but nonetheless they win. They have the most feared striker in football, Leonel Messi….who when he is not scoring, he is creating opportunities for his team mates with his deceptive dribbles….taking two and three opposing players with him.

The Netherlands are not going to lay down and give up the win either. They have a superstar dribbler of their own in Arjen Robben. Just like Messi, it always take more than one defenders to stop him when he hits overdrive.argentina vs Netherlands

Both Robben and Messi are finishers…and all they need is just a small opening in a split second to drive the ball in the back of the net. Defense will be key in this game. The team with the best defense will come out on top.

…and if the game happens to go into overtime, we have already seen what the Netherlands can do against Costa Rica, the question remains will they be able to repeat…and if they do, can Argentina match them.

I love what I have seen from Argentina so far, The Netherlands have gotten away with some sneaky mind games and have one as a result, but I don’t think they will be able to pull that off against Argentina.

I believe it is going to be an all South American final…Brazil vs Argentina…and I will be right there

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